HeiferDust Creole Seasoning – 3 Pack

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3 Containers of our Creole Seasoning.  It’s the perfect blend of butter, garlic and spices that makes you feel the love of momma’s cookin!



3 Containers of HeiferDust Gourmet Creole Butter Seasoning – 6 net ounces each.  Troy’s Creole Butter Grilling Seasoning is a special, unique blend of spices this is nothing like traditionally marketed creole seasonings that are filled with paprika, cayenne pepper, etc. We removed the traditional red color (paprika), cut the sodium by 25% and added a buttery flavor with slight hint of garlic and finished with a light lemony flavor so even the pickiest of food lovers could enjoy. This creole grilling seasoning goes good on everything. It especially enhances the flavor of grilled chicken, pork, shrimp, oysters, fish and grilled vegetables.

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